Gaming has been a rough spot for many of us this week. So have a reminder from mod Kade Tee about taking some self care in whatever form of a healing potion it comes in for you.


[Art by Ashe] [Art by Ashe] “I bet this was written by a woman.”

I remember my friend and I visiting a Gamestop two years back to check on their preorders. While waiting, I had picked up a Game Informer and flipped to a top ten list of attractive male characters. It’s not very common to read a gaming article that presumes more than a straight male reaction when it comes to sexuality, nor treats that attraction as something purely humorous (“I’d go gay for this guy! Just kidding, no homo.”). When my friend took out her wallet to pay, the two men behind the counter took a glance at what I was holding. The muttered rebuke of one had she and I momentarily speechless.

In hindsight, we really should’ve canceled that preorder.

After a while, each little flick to the proverbial nose starts to feel like a punch to the face. The…

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