A very good point brought up by Sloane Cee here, re: GDC:

“I do want to bring up one thing before I finish this. GDC was great, but there’s a big problem with affordability. I was only able to go because I could get a free all access pass and because I had a family who helped pay a good part of my expenses. Affordability is a problem because there are so many devs who are still learning, who may still be in school, who can’t afford to go to GDC, and who miss out on a lot—from the talks, the summits, the workshops, and the networking. I wish it could be more affordable so more people could go, show off their games, and be involved in what is a pretty dang neat, if tiring event.”

You’re welcome Sloane! Glad you got so much out of the conference.


Life Is Strange

One thing I won’t miss about San Francisco at all is getting lost, wandering around at 8 PM with a dead phone before eventually calling a cab and crying when I finally got to my hotel room (look, it was a long day, ok?). One thing I will miss about GDC is, well, everything else. Okay, besides food prices—granted, maybe I didn’t look hard enough, but damn, the Frisco is expensive.

Let me back up a bit. For those who may not know, I was a scholarship recipient of the very first year of I Need Diverse Games scholars for All Access Passes to GDC 2016. Thanks to Tanya DePass and the wonderful people on the advisory board, I was able to get a pass to represent myself in San Francisco.

As a writer and game designer, a lot of my core interests in GDC was the narrative and design…

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