Hello all!

Long time no post that isn’t podcast early access eh? So you’re probably wondering what we’re doing over here when we’re not tweeting, blogging, podcasting, occasionally streaming? Well here’s what we’ve been up to!

We have money WOOO!

So you might have seen that in January we were the Fund Club pick to get funding. Thanks to the generosity of Fund Club members, we received $9400 USD!! That’s a lotta loot you might say, and it is when you see it all in one go. But we’ve been doing things with it!

  • Sponsored Student Showcase at VectorCon
  • Sponsored April 9th, AlterConf in Michigan
  • Sponsored GX Australia
  • Ordered T-Shirts for INeedDiverseGames GDC scholarship receipients
  • Travel expenses for GDC, Penguicon, PAX East
  • Upgraded stream equipment
  • Donated to a few marginalized streamers

Our usual expenses are as follows:

  • http://Simplecast.fm hosting for Fresh Out of Tokens $12.00 a month
  • Business cards (occasional but recurring expense)
  • Twitch Pro $8.99 a month
  • INDG buttons or other swag (occasional but recurring cost)
  • Google storage $2 a month


We’re still on the road to incorporating as a non-profit, but like all things that takes time and a lot of paperwork. We just brought on someone as legal counsel for our Board of Directors. We’re also in talks with someone to be our CFO [Chief Financial Officer]. So goal is to get the incorporation done by mid year.

Now on to other things! We’re trying to do more streaming and would like to have devs visit our chat, like when MoaCube folks came by our stream of Solstice. We’re talking to the We Are Chicago devs and Heroes: Reborn folks as well. Both dev teams happen to be local to our founder.

We’ve put out a call to streamers that don’t fit the usual, what you would expect on Twitch so we can highlight them, but haven’t got many responses/what we’re looking for.

Founder Tanya is doing a lot of conventions, some of which are being funded via Patreon and our fiscal boost this January!

  • PAX East – Doing two panels
  • Penguicon – Paneling, Featured Guest
  • Podcast Movement – Local, attending only
  • WisCon – Paneling, Guest of Honor Liaison, Programming Co-Chair
  • CONVergence – Paneling, Invited Guest

Lastly: We’re still podcasting with a great lineup of guests in the coming month or so. Martin Sahlin from Unravel Game, Jamie Broadnax of Black Girl Nerds, Mel Fleming from Bioware who does localization, Elsa Henry who does game dev and is a GoH for OrcaCon 2017!