Are you a streamer who doesn’t fit the usual profile of what we expect to see on Twitch?

We still want to highlight and profile diverse steamers here at ‪#‎INeedDiverseGames‬!

We want to keep up our series of doing a weekly post here with the following info for you and your stream:

  • Image which can be a headshot, your channel art, your pic, whatever you are comfortable with. 
  • A brief bio
  • Your stream/youtube/Let’s play info
  • A recent clip or video you’d like to highlight
  • Any social media you’re comfortable linking.

We’d like to have 1 – 3 folks profiled each week in a post. Our previous attempts at trying to do a series called Streamer Sundays didn’t get much response from those we really want to hear from, we did get a bunch of white bro dudes who didn’t get the memo about the purpose, ie highlight marginalized streamers.

So email us that info at !!