CHICAGO Video Game Law Summit 2016

The Chicago Video Game Law Summit is Chicago’s premiere video game law related event. It is a day of academic panels devoted to the nuanced way video games require unique legal protections from a myriad of diverse legal disciplines. Game developers, industry representatives, legal experts, and many other professionals will explore, explain, and debate the latest … Continue reading CHICAGO Video Game Law Summit 2016

Announcing: Oculus Launch Pad 2016

Virtual reality is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing branches of the tech industry, but to reach its full potential, it needs a diverse team of creators. That’s why we started Launch Pad! Launch Pad is a program designed to support promising VR content creators so they can take their unique ideas and bring … Continue reading Announcing: Oculus Launch Pad 2016

#Hype4FemHype! Our Message to the Crew

hey y’all, FemHype is doing great work but as we know you can’t do it forever with no sustainable sources or income. Since the Patreon is closing, you should try to drop a few coins to their PayPal so they can keep going as much as they can.

Support endeavors like FemHype so voices can still be heard in the industry y’all. Please


Love Is Strange @ #FemHypeYTLove Is Strange @ #FemHypeYT

For over a year, our work here at FemHype has grown at an exciting rate. We were lucky enough to meet some of you at IndieCade and GaymerX (a few of our writers even attended GDC!), and we’re looking forward to meeting even more friends from our community at PAX East next month. It’s been a wild ride so far, and I’m enormously proud of the amazing community that has come together from that tiny little idea I had way back in November 2015.

This all sounds very ominous, doesn’t it? It’s just important to me that I continue to reflect on how far we’ve all come, and I’m so grateful for all of the opportunities that came along the way.

In the interest of complete transparency, as I respect each and every one of you who signed up—and continue to join—this incredible journey, there are some changes coming to us…

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You Down With GDC? Yeah, You Know Me: A First-Time #GDC16 Attendee

A very good point brought up by Sloane Cee here, re: GDC:

“I do want to bring up one thing before I finish this. GDC was great, but there’s a big problem with affordability. I was only able to go because I could get a free all access pass and because I had a family who helped pay a good part of my expenses. Affordability is a problem because there are so many devs who are still learning, who may still be in school, who can’t afford to go to GDC, and who miss out on a lot—from the talks, the summits, the workshops, and the networking. I wish it could be more affordable so more people could go, show off their games, and be involved in what is a pretty dang neat, if tiring event.”

You’re welcome Sloane! Glad you got so much out of the conference.


Life Is Strange

One thing I won’t miss about San Francisco at all is getting lost, wandering around at 8 PM with a dead phone before eventually calling a cab and crying when I finally got to my hotel room (look, it was a long day, ok?). One thing I will miss about GDC is, well, everything else. Okay, besides food prices—granted, maybe I didn’t look hard enough, but damn, the Frisco is expensive.

Let me back up a bit. For those who may not know, I was a scholarship recipient of the very first year of I Need Diverse Games scholars for All Access Passes to GDC 2016. Thanks to Tanya DePass and the wonderful people on the advisory board, I was able to get a pass to represent myself in San Francisco.

As a writer and game designer, a lot of my core interests in GDC was the narrative and design…

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.@MagpieOfficial is seeking freelancers for Fate Codex

"We’re looking for anybody who has a good idea, and in particular we’d love to get more women and minority writers and designers to contribute. We want contributors from all levels of experience, too. Being new to Fate doesn’t mean we won’t accept your pitch."So! Fate Codex is seeking writers (like you) to create awesome … Continue reading .@MagpieOfficial is seeking freelancers for Fate Codex

Hark! a wild update appears [public repost from Patreon]

Hello all! Long time no post that isn't podcast early access eh? So you're probably wondering what we're doing over here when we're not tweeting, blogging, podcasting, occasionally streaming? Well here's what we've been up to! We have money WOOO! So you might have seen that in January we were the Fund Club pick to … Continue reading Hark! a wild update appears [public repost from Patreon]

Job opening @webeharebrained – Test Manager

HBS Test Manager Do you spend your free time trying to figure out how to break the games you’re playing? Do you analyze and provide detailed assessment of the quality of those games to your friends? Do you love leading and coaching people so they achieve their potential? We may have a job for you! … Continue reading Job opening @webeharebrained – Test Manager

Why do we need @GaymerX? by @davidgaider

Reposting with permission from David G. This is a good post on why conventions like GaymerX are needed. Why Do We Need GaymerX? I have the unique distinction of having been a guest at all four GaymerX events held to date: the first three in the U.S., and just last week in Sydney, Australia. It … Continue reading Why do we need @GaymerX? by @davidgaider

.@failbettergames is seeking freelance editors!

Freelance Editors Desired We need experienced freelance editors who understand that interactive fiction has different constraints to linear fiction, and can adapt their edits accordingly. The work to be edited will generally be short (think short story rather than novel), and will require a swift turnaround. We envisage pieces taking a day or two to … Continue reading .@failbettergames is seeking freelance editors!

Are you a POC/LGBTQIA/Woman streamer? We want to show your stream off!

Are you a streamer who doesn't fit the usual profile of what we expect to see on Twitch? We still want to highlight and profile diverse steamers here at ‪#‎INeedDiverseGames‬! We want to keep up our series of doing a weekly post here with the following info for you and your stream: Image which can be … Continue reading Are you a POC/LGBTQIA/Woman streamer? We want to show your stream off!