Streamer Sunday returns! with @thegrimphreaker

We want to highlight Streamers of color, LGBTQIA and other marginalized folks who stream here at #INeedDiverseGames. We're happy to bring back this series by introducing you to TheGrimPhreaker. If you want to be featured too, send us an email [] with your gamertag, any image, icon or logo you're comfortable sharing, a brief bio, … Continue reading Streamer Sunday returns! with @thegrimphreaker

Our IndieGoGo Generosity fundraiser is still going!

Donate     We're trying to get our scholarship recipients some funding and we've stalled out. There have been a lot of signal boosts but not a lot of donations. Please help our 25 pass recipients have some additional funding to GDC. Thank you! So this is the first year that #INeedDiverseGames has been part … Continue reading Our IndieGoGo Generosity fundraiser is still going!

More jobs open at @WeBeHarebrained

Job Openings Harebrained Schemes currently has the following positions open. Please read the job descriptions carefully and follow the directions below to apply. Senior AI Engineer, BATTLETECH Engineer (Tools), BATTLETECH Community Organizer, HBS HBS is dedicated to diversity in our organization, including but not limited to: race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, culture, and … Continue reading More jobs open at @WeBeHarebrained

#INeedDiverseGames is moving towards becoming a non-profit

However there's a lot of steps you need to do before you can become a non-profit entity, then apply for tax free status; 501(c)3. We need a Board of Directors, and ideally founder Tanya would like the following positions filled before we move forward with filing. Copied and edited from a FB post: We are … Continue reading #INeedDiverseGames is moving towards becoming a non-profit