[Editor’s Note: All images were provided courtesy of the cosplayers.]

In December 2015, gamers from all corners of the LGBTQIA+ community attended gaming convention GX3 where they met cool celebrities like Jennifer Hale, discussed representation in video games, and partied like there’s no tomorrow. FemHype staff members Jillian and Rem were lucky enough to attend the con in person, in addition to cool kids promoting diversity in games like Tanya DePass from #INeedDiverseGames. (You can find Rem’s review of the con experience over here, by the way.) I reached out to six attendees who cosplayed during the event and asked them about their thoughts on cosplay and surviving the Fade.

Vivi Velour as Rose Quartz (Steven Universe)

GaymerXMelissa: Why did you cosplay this character?

Vivi: I cosplayed as Rose Quartz because my friend made this delightful fanart of our group of friends as…

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