However there’s a lot of steps you need to do before you can become a non-profit entity, then apply for tax free status; 501(c)3.

We need a Board of Directors, and ideally founder Tanya would like the following positions filled before we move forward with filing. Copied and edited from a FB post:

We are putting together our board in order to incorporate as a non-profit entity. However, a couple people have had to step back from this as time has gone on from when we started talking about it until it could become a reality. We’re seeking two people for the following:

We need someone to be a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Ideally someone who has experience managing finances for an organization and who is willing to take lead on fundraising for the org. It would be amazing if we wound up with a person of color for this position on the board.

The other position is legal counsel. This person should be knowledgeable about the industry and non-profit organizations. This person would be our go to for any legal matters that come up, and be one of the people who helps review contracts etc.Ideally they could help draft the articles of incorporation needed to file as a non-profit entity.

If you are a person who is qualified, and/or can recommend someone please message Tanya at