Sunday Loot: Continuing the Discussion of Diversity in Games



Happy Sunday, friends! We’re super happy that you had a bit of time in your busy day to join us again. Like last week, we wanted to dedicate our regularly scheduled post in order to boost the work of the people and projects that are pushing for more diversity. So many incredible, inspiring stories are being told through this medium, and we want to make absolutely sure that you know about them!

Today, we’re taking you on a journey through coding classes, funding opportunities, breakout games, and much more. Everything listed here has the ability to further the discussion of how we can achieve visibility for more talented and diverse folks in the industry. If that’s something you’re as passionate as we are about, you’ve come to the right place!

As always, if you know of an inclusive gaming space or games project you’d love to see promoted on our Sunday Loot series, drop…

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Help our GDC Scholars deflect some of the cost!

Hello! Our IndieGoGo Generosity fundraiser is still there, still hanging on by a thread as it were. We're getting closer to GDC, so we'll have to close up shop on this by Tuesday 1 March 2016 so funds can be transferred and sent to those getting funding prior to GDC! We just got a huge, … Continue reading Help our GDC Scholars deflect some of the cost!

We Need More Diverse Games, How to Get there #GX3 panel   Our #GX3 Panel is now up on GaymerX's YouTube channel! A panel promoting and discussing the #INeedDiverseGames movement, a push to include more diverse characters and storytelling in the games medium. Featuring Tanya DePass, DJ Kirkland, Katherine Cross, Rachel Keslensky, Arthur Chu, and Gil Almogi. Filmed at GaymerX3 in San Jose, CA.  

Introducing Fundbetter by @echobazaar!

Introducing Fundbetter By Hannah Flynn, February 22, 2016 · Failbetter Fundbetter Incubations Today we’re launching Fundbetter, a fund for independent narrative games and interactive fiction. We want to pay our luck forward, and support game designers and writers from all kinds of backgrounds: first-timers, veteran game makers, LGBT+ and black and minority ethnic creators, people … Continue reading Introducing Fundbetter by @echobazaar!

2016 @G4C Festival Game Submissions closing soon!

Deadline: February 24, 2016 @ 11:59 p.m. EST The annual Games for Change (G4C) Awards celebrates the year's best games for social impact. All awards are competitive, and every submission will be considered for each of the following categories: Most Innovative, Best Gameplay, and Game of the Year. Additionally, you can choose to enter your … Continue reading 2016 @G4C Festival Game Submissions closing soon!

Aurion: Legend of the Kori-Odan release date & trailer! Aurion: Legend of the Kori-Odan is almost here! Check out the new trailer from Kiro'o studio. Aurion is now in the final step of its development, since it began in December 2013. Plug In Digital Label and Kiro'o Games are very happy to reveal this new trailer which shows more about the game's scenario … Continue reading Aurion: Legend of the Kori-Odan release date & trailer!

Signal Boost – Dujanah KS

Delve into a world of magical realism full of strange stories, grotesque beings and weary machines. Dujanah is a digital game for PC Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It is an interactive narrative with a focus on exploration set in a fictional Islamic majority country that has an occupying military force. The protagonist and … Continue reading Signal Boost – Dujanah KS

Hex: TCG: An Example of Purposeful Exclusivity

  by: Zoe W. I started playing Hex TCG in October of 2015. Hex had a lot of features, with more in development, that made me hopeful that this would be a game that I would be playing for a long time to come. Unfortunately, this was not the case. It is especially disappointing because … Continue reading Hex: TCG: An Example of Purposeful Exclusivity

#GX3: Q&A With Cosplayers Who Will Inspire You



[Editor’s Note: All images were provided courtesy of the cosplayers.]

In December 2015, gamers from all corners of the LGBTQIA+ community attended gaming convention GX3 where they met cool celebrities like Jennifer Hale, discussed representation in video games, and partied like there’s no tomorrow. FemHype staff members Jillian and Rem were lucky enough to attend the con in person, in addition to cool kids promoting diversity in games like Tanya DePass from #INeedDiverseGames. (You can find Rem’s review of the con experience over here, by the way.) I reached out to six attendees who cosplayed during the event and asked them about their thoughts on cosplay and surviving the Fade.

Vivi Velour as Rose Quartz (Steven Universe)

GaymerXMelissa: Why did you cosplay this character?

Vivi: I cosplayed as Rose Quartz because my friend made this delightful fanart of our group of friends as…

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