Gamers of Color to Speak Out for Abortion Access on MLK Weekend

When it comes to advocating for abortion access online, the digital realm is just as full of hazards as it is possibilities. For every campaign that attracts media attention, there is bound to be anti-abortion sentiment that crosses the line into cyber-harassment and trolling. Every person who tells their abortion story has to prepare for … Continue reading Gamers of Color to Speak Out for Abortion Access on MLK Weekend

@Diversi GDC Scholarship for Women in Games – Application Deadline 20 January

JOIN US IN SAN FRANCISCO FOR THE GAME DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE! DIVERSI IN PARTNERSHIP WITH KING PRESENTS OUR GDC16 SCHOLARSHIP FOR ASPIRING WOMEN IN GAMES A competition for female (cis/trans) students with permanent EU residency looking to pursue a career in the games industry. In an effort to further encourage and strengthen the presence of women … Continue reading @Diversi GDC Scholarship for Women in Games – Application Deadline 20 January

That Dragon, Cancer Review

We plan to play this and report back to the community, but have this review by Carolyn Petit on Feminist Frequency

Feminist Frequency

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Reviewed by: Carolyn Petit

Grief is…normal. Losing people we love is part of life, something almost all of us experience from time to time. Some circumstances that lead to grief, however, are more rare and more cruel than others. That Dragon, Cancer is a symbolic journey through the lives of creators Ryan and Amy Green as they face a plight that is incomprehensible to most of us: Their son, Joel, was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of childhood cancer that affects the brain. What makes That Dragon, Cancer so effective is the honesty with which the Greens let us into their hearts and minds; by doing so, they create a portrayal of hope and grief and love that is at once entirely their own and one that anyone who has suffered loss can relate to.

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#Spawn4Good V2 January 16 & 17, 2016

WHAT IS #SPAWN4GOOD? #SPAWN4GOOD is a platform where we give gamers ways to do good in the world via this initiative. A platform with which to talk about social issues that the greater gaming community isn't addressing. Especially those affecting gamers of color and other underrepresented groups. The next topic we’re tackling is reproductive rights … Continue reading #Spawn4Good V2 January 16 & 17, 2016

Help our 2016 GDC Scholarship awardees!

So this is the first year that #INeedDiverseGames has been part of the GDC Scholarship program! We got 25 all access passes to the Game Developer Conference March 14 - 18, 2016 in San Francisco, US. Donate Our Goal is $26,500, which includes a bit of buffer for fees, etc. While we're ecstatic to be … Continue reading Help our 2016 GDC Scholarship awardees!

Signal Boost – Diversity in Games Alliance

Announcing the Amplifying New Voices Bootcamp Apply or Nominate Now As a robust industry, we know that mentoring begets stronger and more articulate professionals. To encourage constant learning and sharing of new perspectives in our field, we are hosting a workshop focused on helping people from under-represented backgrounds sharpen their presentation skills. This includes women, people of color, members … Continue reading Signal Boost – Diversity in Games Alliance

Only 3 Days left to support @thehouseofindie screenshake 2016 indie game festival Help us bring an amazing line-up of indie game speakers and artists to Belgium's only indie festival CONTRIBUTE NOW Screenshake 2016 is the fourth edition of Belgium's only international indie game festival and takes place February 19-21 at Het Bos, Antwerp. This unique cultural event welcomes everyone with a general cultural interest, an open heart … Continue reading Only 3 Days left to support @thehouseofindie screenshake 2016 indie game festival

@ ontologicalgeek has put out a Call for Regular Contributors!

Call For Regular Contributions (January 2016) We want to expand our team with two regular contributors. If you’d like to be part of the OntoGeek squad, read on and send us your application! Since 2010, The Ontological Geek has been bringing you articles that take a look at deeper significance of games and popular culture. We’ve always operated … Continue reading @ ontologicalgeek has put out a Call for Regular Contributors!

Introducing Sugar, Sweets, & Jam! FemHype’s First Official Game Jam

We can’t wait to see the games that come from this jam!


[Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet, from Yuri Game Jam 2015.] [Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet from Yuri Game Jam 2015.] Last year, visual novel developers Carrogath and XenobladeKat hostedYuri Game Jam from September 1, 2015 to October 31, 2015. Their premise was simple enough: in two months, develop a game about two or more women in a relationship with one another. The jam was a major success, with over 40 entries submitted to the Yuri Game pagefeaturing everything from dating sims to platformers to top-down beat ‘em ups about women and their girlfriends.

Yuri Game Jam struck a cord in the gaming community, and it was clear early on that there was a real hunger for games about queer relationships. It also showed that stories about queer women could come from any genre: be it slice-of-life or romance, science-fiction or fantasy—any and every setting is perfect for exploring queer relationships in gaming.

But Carrogath…

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