Check out this week’s Sunday Loot! Lots of folks are fund raising to #Get2GDC!! Including us ❤


Rise of the Tomb Raider

Happy Sunday, friends! We hope that those of you affected by the latest winter storm are currently safe and warm. In an effort to give back to the community and to continue our push for diversifying the industry, we’ll be taking a moment to boost quite a few of your initiatives. If you’ve been following along on @FemHype, you’ll know that we’re absolutely determined to see as many people attend GDC 2016 as possible. With your help (and by using the hashtag #Get2GDC), we can make sure that happens!

Not only that, but we’ve personally curated a selection of new communities that you’re really going to love. Whether you’re in the market for new indie games to try or you’re looking into super casual cosplay, there is quite a lot here to inspire that creative spark in you. And don’t forget! We just launched our first ever…

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