Read Only Memories is still seeking a Voice Actor for Ramona Rogers! Women of Color VA’s strongly encouraged to apply.

Email: by Friday, January 22!

Things that help:

  • VO Demo Reel and/or resume
  • (Required) Audition of the character(s) that interest you using any or all lines provided (in .mp3, .m4a or .ogg format, download links preferred over file attachments)
  • (Required) Information on your recording capabilities (Do you have a home studio? Do we need to rent you studio time?)
  • If you have experience playing Read Only Memories!


Ramona Rogers


Age: 24. Race: Black (American). Gender: Female

Style Desired: Bubbly, highly animated, nerdy, tough.

  • Real-life magical girl
  • Filled with energy and fire
  • Enthusiastic, but sensitive and sentimental
  • The modern, cool otaku with tons of anime knowledge

Bio: A humble Hassy Bar owner by day, cybernetic magical girl by night? Maybe. She’s equipped with a gold cybernetic left arm and right leg, and is a fan of VR dramas, and justice!

Sample VO:

(regarding Turing) “Awww! That is the cutest little ROM you have there. Soooo moe! I haven’t seen that model before. What kind is it?”

(regarding a poster the player needs) “No way! Not happening. Nuh-uh. Yukino is off limits. That was signed by Takeko herself! It’s one of a kind, and I’m not giving it up.”

(regarding the Human Revolution, a protest group that would potentially have issues with Ramona’s own cybernetic augments) “Look, I’m all for free speech, so I don’t really want to run them off or anything. They’ve got the right to protest. I just know that once they’re done with the hybrids, they’ll be coming for me next. So I’ll be voting appropriately. And I swear to any god that’ll listen, if I have to unclog the toilet one more time I will lose my damned mind!”

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