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I Need Diverse Games

Announcing the Amplifying New Voices Bootcamp

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As a robust industry, we know that mentoring begets stronger and more articulate professionals. To encourage constant learning and sharing of new perspectives in our field, we are hosting a workshop focused on helping people from under-represented backgrounds sharpen their presentation skills. This includes women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and anyone who is willing to share how their perspective adds to the “diversity of thought” in our community.

“Amplifying New Voices” will coincide with GDC in San Francisco on Sunday March 13, 2016. The bootcamp one-day coursPicturee will focus on coaching 36 professionals to grow as emerging industry leaders. Coaches will provide one-to-one and group training for public speaking, presentations, media training, and more.  Sponsors and coaches come from the GDC organization, Oculus, Telltale, Intel, Funomena, and Zebra Partners.

Applications and nominations will be accepted now through…

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It’s convention season, do you have your #INeedDiverseGames tee?

So, convention season is upon us for 2016! You should totally get a #INeedDiverseGames teeshirt, hoodie or tank top for warmer climates! Spreadshirt is even helping out, with free standard shipping from Spreadshirt; starting 29 January through 3 February with coupon code 2LOVE! All sales go towards our work to better the gaming community. Also, … Continue reading It’s convention season, do you have your #INeedDiverseGames tee?

Bad Romance: Dragon Age’s Celene and Briala

A really good piece by the ever amazing Katherine Cross on the complicated relationship between Briala and Celene.

Cross With You

Briala and Celene - Wicked_Eyes_and_Wicked_Hearts From left to right, Grand Duke Gaspard, Ambassador Briala, and Empress Celene.

I’ve said it until I’m blue in the face, but writing women characters well in videogames does not mean making them pure paragons of perfect morality. Indeed, it often means the very opposite, as the case of Dragon Age’s Empress Celene Valmont and Ambassador Briala illustrates in deeply sanguine colours.

Dragon Age: Inquisition’s aptly named main quest, “Wicked Eyes, Wicked Hearts,” sees your character visit the Orlesian Imperial Winter Palace in a bid to stop an assassination attempt on Empress Celene I, to thwart the plans of the game’s antagonist and prevent Thedas’ most powerful nation from sliding into chaos.

Here you dive into a well-designed thicket of political intrigue at a masquerade ball-cum-peace conference between Celene and her antagonist in the Orlesian Civil War, Grand Duke Gaspard, who seeks the throne for himself. A third party…

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ICYMI – @sangfroid_san on #GamesSoWhite, Diversity & More



We spoke with Sidney Fussell about games journalism, Black women in gaming, #GamesSoWhite, find out why he’s so right about everything and more in our first new episode of 2016!

We’re part of the network along with Geeks in Sneaks, Chromatic Life and More than Bits. We have tees, and other items in the #INeedDiverseGames spreadshirt shop.

We’re splitting the profits 50/50 with Chachibobinks. We’ve got a blog to compliment the show! Follow us at If you have questions, compliments, hate mail feel free to drop a note there as well.

Musical accompaniment for Fresh Out of Tokens is provided by Mike Moody. You can hear more of her work at:

Listen on Fresh out of Tokens // Download the MP3


A woman using blackface to raise awareness of tribal issues is surprised people are offended

Oscars So White (HuffPo)

Questions for Sidney:

@applecidermage: Asks why is…

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Meet @asiaelle, the creator of @ThumbstickMafia

Asiaelle gave us this quick bio on herself before we got into questions about her network of WOC streamers; Thumbstick Mafia: Black. Woman. Gamer. I love books, games, music and Jalapeno Cheetos.  When I'm not reading or gaming, I'm live tweeting Anime and reminding you that women are multidimensional. I Need Diverse Games: What got … Continue reading Meet @asiaelle, the creator of @ThumbstickMafia

Sunday Loot: Let’s Help Folks #Get2GDC!

Check out this week’s Sunday Loot! Lots of folks are fund raising to #Get2GDC!! Including us ❤


Rise of the Tomb Raider

Happy Sunday, friends! We hope that those of you affected by the latest winter storm are currently safe and warm. In an effort to give back to the community and to continue our push for diversifying the industry, we’ll be taking a moment to boost quite a few of your initiatives. If you’ve been following along on @FemHype, you’ll know that we’re absolutely determined to see as many people attend GDC 2016 as possible. With your help (and by using the hashtag #Get2GDC), we can make sure that happens!

Not only that, but we’ve personally curated a selection of new communities that you’re really going to love. Whether you’re in the market for new indie games to try or you’re looking into super casual cosplay, there is quite a lot here to inspire that creative spark in you. And don’t forget! We just launched our first ever…

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Blanket Fort Chats: Game Making With Leisha-Marie Riddel

So hype to see Leisha-Marie’s work highlighted. She’s amazing and doing great, great things. Can’t wait to see her GX3 talk online!


[Courtesy of Leisha.] [Courtesy of Leisha-Marie.] Blanket Fort Chats” is a semi-regular column featuring women and nonbinary game makers talking about the craft of making games. In this week’s post, we feature Leisha-Marie Riddel, an illustrator based in Toronto and the creator of #PROJECTSOLACE.

Miss N: Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

Leisha-Marie: I graduated from Sheridan College’s Bachelor of Applied Arts Animation Program (aka not a real Bachelor) when the program was in its infancy, so it was still ironing out a lot of the kinks that the program no longer has. I always wanted to be a commercial artist, i.e. working for a company as an artist or generating art for consumption as opposed to creating art for exploratory purposes, and I pursued that from childhood. Unfortunately, because I graduated during the program’s problematic teenage phase, I wasn’t given a lot of…

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We have some great news to share today!

We're excited, thankful &pleased to say that #INeedDiverseGames is January's organization chosen by Fund Club!   This means we can finally move forward with becoming a non-profit org, help folks with conference fees, and do more for you! We're ever grateful to @AlterConf & @ModelViewMedia for creating the Fund Club. If you have means, please … Continue reading We have some great news to share today!

Read Only Memories is still looking for a VA!!

Read Only Memories is still seeking a Voice Actor for Ramona Rogers! Women of Color VA's strongly encouraged to apply. Email: by Friday, January 22! Things that help: VO Demo Reel and/or resume (Required) Audition of the character(s) that interest you using any or all lines provided (in .mp3, .m4a or .ogg format, download … Continue reading Read Only Memories is still looking for a VA!!