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Mass Effect

Happy Sunday, friends! Today’s loot haul will be fairly self-explanatory, but no less important to our mission here at FemHype. Every week, we work very hard to curate a list of gaming spaces that provide positivity and inclusivity. Given the fact that we’re fairly active on Tumblr (most of you follow us there!), we thought this would be a good time to gush about all the other Tumblr accounts that we’ve followed and loved over the last few months.

An honorable mention goes to Discover Games, MrNelson007, Feminist Gaming Matters, and +10 to Fire Resist for their tireless, inspiring contributions to the gaming industry. We’ve mentioned them before, but we couldn’t let a Tumblr celebration pass without giving them another shoutout! Thank you all so much for everything that you do. It’s an honor to stand with you as we push for positive change.

As always, if you know of an inclusive…

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