Hey if you will be at GX3 in a couple of days, #INeedDiverseGames founder and Community Manager will be there for a lot of panels, as the Diversity Liaison and more!

Here’s her schedule and if you see her roaming around the Convention Centre, say hi! Well unless she is hurrying away like her hair is on fire, then well she might be running away for introvert time.

Here’s my GX3 schedule!

I’ll be speaking briefly about my role as Diversity Liaison & on why it’s important to GX to be diverse during the opening ceremonies, Friday, December 11th, 10:00 am GX Talks A

Also something to note, there will be POC Safespace hours at GX3. Full details at the GX3 blog post!

Can’t wait to see everyone there in a couple of days!

~Mod Cypher