Interactive Collection One – BitBash at the MCA Chicago Bit Bash is taking over every floor at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Games start at 6pm. Full details at the Facebook page, MCA admission is free on Tuesdays! • CRAP! No one loves me (Arcane Kids) • Gardenarium (Paloma Dawkins) • The Musuem of Stolen Art (Ziv Schneider) • Joy Exhibition (Strange Think) … Continue reading Interactive Collection One – BitBash at the MCA Chicago

Job Posting – Community Manager, TERA Online

Community Manager, TERA Online Posted: Wednesday, 23 December 2015 The TERA Community Manager is a dynamic individual with a passion for gaming communities, both online and in-person. The ideal candidate will be well versed with eSports, PvP tournaments, and livestreaming, creating content for social media/forums/blogs, and moderating online interactions. We are looking for a sharp … Continue reading Job Posting – Community Manager, TERA Online

Repost – Critical Distance 2015 in Videogame blogging

SPOTLIGHT: This Year In Videogame Blogging: 2015 (originally posted over at Critical Distance) December 28th, 2015 | Posted by Eric Swain in Spotlight: We’ve made it to the end of 2015. Another year has set itself into the history books. We have gone through the archives of the past year in out endeavor to put … Continue reading Repost – Critical Distance 2015 in Videogame blogging

Sunday Loot: Our Top Tumblr Faves in the Gaming Space

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Mass Effect

Happy Sunday, friends! Today’s loot haul will be fairly self-explanatory, but no less important to our mission here at FemHype. Every week, we work very hard to curate a list of gaming spaces that provide positivity and inclusivity. Given the fact that we’re fairly active on Tumblr (most of you follow us there!), we thought this would be a good time to gush about all the other Tumblr accounts that we’ve followed and loved over the last few months.

An honorable mention goes to Discover Games, MrNelson007, Feminist Gaming Matters, and +10 to Fire Resist for their tireless, inspiring contributions to the gaming industry. We’ve mentioned them before, but we couldn’t let a Tumblr celebration pass without giving them another shoutout! Thank you all so much for everything that you do. It’s an honor to stand with you as we push for positive change.

As always, if you know of an inclusive…

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2 Weeks left to apply for IGDAF GDC Ambassador program!

There's just two weeks left to apply to the IGDA Foundation's Women in Games Ambassadors program at GDC. It is open to women students (or students less than 12 months out of school) who are passionate about game development. The WIG Ambassadors program provides an all access pass to GDC, partial travel stipends, a week … Continue reading 2 Weeks left to apply for IGDAF GDC Ambassador program!

Dusting off our GoFundMe to help #INDG Grow

Hey y'all, Just dusting this off since we haven't even hit 50% of our goal, and with‪#‎INeedDiverseGames‬ now being my main gig, I'm even more dedicated to getting it up and running as a 5013C in 2016. So please boost if you don't mind? Thank you!   #INeedDiverseGames is almost a year old! We want … Continue reading Dusting off our GoFundMe to help #INDG Grow

Sunday Loot: Breaking Down Barriers in Games Culture


[Art by Leisha Riddel.] [Art by Leisha Riddel.] Happy Sunday, friends! We hope this message finds you well today, and that you’re ready for another round of projects breaking down barriers in the industry. Whether you’re looking to get directly involved in the positive shift happening all around us, or you’re more comfortable following along with the efforts of others, we have a wide range of opportunities for everyone. There’s never been a better time to be a gamer than right now!

So, what have we gathered to show you today? We’re glad you asked! From a new, exciting event set to shake the main stage to projects pushing for more diversity to tutorials tailor-made to suit every skill level, this is your time to shine. All of the initiatives here today want to welcome you to join their cause. Don’t forget to boost their work and follow along as it grows!

As always, if you…

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Repost – Robert Yang: Sex Games Part 0

Robert Yang has started a blog series about sex games, starting with this post, which continues off his GX3 talk. Reposted with permission of Mr. Yang. Some NSFW content head. Sex Games, part 0 - When Sex Games Awaken This post is part of a series adapted from my talk at GaymerX. No, I … Continue reading Repost – Robert Yang: Sex Games Part 0

#Spawn4Good v2.0 – Please boost & join us

#SPAWN4GOOD is a platform where we give gamers ways to do good in the world via this initiative. A platform with which to talk about social issues that the greater gaming community isn't addressing. Especially those affecting gamers of color and other underrepresented groups. The next topic we’re going to tackle is women's reproductive rights.We … Continue reading #Spawn4Good v2.0 – Please boost & join us

Rhadamus: #GX3: Everyone Games, but we still need diverse games!

Everyone Games, but we still need diverse games! #GX3 Guest post by Rhadamus @Rhadamus If you attended GX3 the past weekend, you might recognize me as the guy who cosplayed Kaidan Alenko, a Dragon Age Templar, and Little Mac! GX3 was my second year in attendance; GaymerX-2 was actually the very first convention I had … Continue reading Rhadamus: #GX3: Everyone Games, but we still need diverse games!