Let’s just say for those we reached out to, diversity in games were not viewed as important enough to help us find our feet in all this Without a request for resources we didn’t have, or even acknowledging the work we were trying to do though our paths aligned.

So we’re asking, again with our best puppy eyes all aglow for help in getting from a tag to an org. Why you ask? Well…if we are a 501c3 org we’ll have better luck getting monies and resources because donors can write that off.

Not being one makes it harder to get buy in from places like & other places b/c it’s seen as giving to individual or for-profit. We get it

But there’s a limit to what a few people can do without that .org behind them. So if you know how we can get there, please help?

If you can @ us, DM an email contact or hit us up on Google + and reply to this post with ideas, etc we’d appreciate it!

Thank you! ❤