[Originally posted by Bithell Games]

Please email regarding details for the job to contact@bithellgames.com


So. Things are going very well on announced things.. but it’s time for me to find an awesome new concept artist to help us out with something new and special and secret.

Initially, we’re looking at hiring one talented awesome freelance concept art person for a 3-4 week gig. You’ll be extrapolating on some existing concepts, and producing artwork of characters and industrial environments in a sci-fi setting. We’ll be looking for a high degree of polish, so I’m expecting the successful applicant to be reasonably experienced with preproduction art on games / film / tv, and have portfolio work demonstrating that experience.

Pay will be competitive, and nothing will be done ‘on spec’.. that’s not how we work here :D. We’ll get you signed on to an NDA and making cool things in no time. As I said, the initial commitment is a 3-4 week job, but hopefully we’ll be able to build on that work with you in the new year.

If you’re interested.. PLEASE DON’T TWEET ME (I will likely miss it). Instead, send portfolios / sample work / pricing (if pricing’s a thing you like to share up front) to contact@bithellgames.com. While we won’t be able to reply to all applicants, I’m incredibly grateful to you for sending over your details, and we’ll keep everything on record for future things.