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Sophie Campbell began Shadoweyes in 2010. It stars Scout Montana, a slight and fragile teenage girl with dreams of defending her city as a masked vigilante. But one night, close on the heels of her cruelest defeat in the streets, her body inexplicably changes shape, becoming tiny, blue, super-strong, super-fast, and utterly un-human.

Amazed and intrigued by her powers, Scout embraces her strength and new-found ability to fight for good… but things get complicated when she becomes stuck in her new, monstrous form.

Shadoweyes is Iron Circus Comics’ first full-color trade paperback. It collects the first 370 pages of Sophie’s incredible webcomic.

The first crack at the published volume!

Shadoweyes: Volumes One is a 370-page, paperback collection featuring Shadoweyes’ origin, initial trials, and baptism-by-fire into a life of vigilante crime-fighting. Sophie has remastered some of the dialog and art from the online edition, making this the perfected version of Shadoweyes’ story. Due to violence and occasional strong language, Shadoweyes is recommended for readers 13 years old and older.

The bookplate on offer with some backer levels will be a small, adhesive label meant to be placed on inside front cover of the book. It’ll feature an area to record the name of the book’s owner, and a bit of decorative illustration by Sophie Campbell herself! The bookplates will be shipped unaffixed to the book, so backers can decide where to put it for themselves.

Also on offer: the limited edition version of The Sleep of Reason, featuring cover art by Sophie Campbell. The Sleep of Reason is a 360-page black-and-white anthology of horror comics for mature readers. Inspired by the likes of Taboo, Uzumaki, and Black Hole, it was recently named one of the top 50 horror comics ever by Paste Magazine. Only 150 of these were printed, and few remain!

In even shorter supply: limited quantities of original art by Sophie Campbell. Shadoweyes is full digital, so the pages on offer are from her other work, such as Wet MoonMountain Girl, or The Abandoned!

And there are more, EVEN COOLER perks waiting to be revealed. Just wait and see!

Still on the fence? Wanna try before you buy?

A big ol’ chunk of Shadoweyes is available to read right now at Head on over, and check it out, and you’ll see why Iron Circus is so in love with this comic.

$15 gets you a DRM-free PDF of Shadoweyes: Volume One.

The EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! Get in the door first, and you can get a paperback copy of Shadoweyes: Volume One, a DRM-free PDF, and free domestic and reduced international shipping! A special thank-you for day-one backers!

$30 gets ya a paperback copy of Shadoweyes: Volume One, and a DRM-free PDF.

$45 gets you a paperback copy of Shadoweyes: Volume One, a DRM-free PDF, and a bookplate, designed and signed by Sophie Campbell!

$75 nets you a paperback copy of Shadoweyes: Volume One, a DRM-free PDF, a bookplate, and one of the few remaining copies of The Sleep of Reason featuring Sophie’s limited edition cover!

Also available at the $75 level: The Retailer Special! FIVE paperback copies of Shadoweyes, at 50% off cover price!

$250 gets you a paperback copy of Shadoweyes: Volume One, a DRM-free PDF, a bookplate, and a page Sophie Campbell’s original art! As Shadoweyes is created fully digitally, the pages on offer are from Sophie’s other series, including The Abandoned, Wet Moon, Water Baby, Glory and Mountain Girl.

WATCH THIS SPACE. Stretch goals will be announced as the campaign progresses!

Promo video created by Matt Sheridan and C. Spike Trotman.

Art: Sophie Campbell

Music: “Dark Side Technology” by Frontmusic

Background animation: “Elegant Black” by Bboykoma

Neon effect: “Neon Punk” by CarlB

Transition effects: “Transitions All-in-One” by AvidEditor

Sound effects: Freesound and YouTube Audio Library

Risks and challenges

This is Iron Circus Comics’ eighth Kickstarter comic project. Six of our previous projects have been fulfilled and completed, and the seventh is in the process of being printed. Our track record speaks for itself!

There’s always the danger of past-due fulfillment, printing disasters, and other small hurdles. But rest assured: this ain’t our first rodeo.

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