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Fallout 4

Remember when Fallout 4 was finally officially announced and the internet collectively shouted with glee? In June 2015, Bethesda finally told fans that yes, Fallout 4 was indeed A Thing, and during their E3 showcase, it was the main attraction. I was actually playing Fallout: New Vegas at the time and was having a ball, so needless to say, I was pretty pumped myself. 

While I did not have the chance to attend the Bethesda showcase in person, I got to watch it live on Twitch with other fans who couldn’t make their way to California either. Showcases are meant to promote upcoming games and their technology, and Bethesda did a damned good job of making the viewer want to buy the game and its accompanying merchandise. Fallout 4 was presented as a trailblazer in the frontier of next-gen gaming that retained the spirit and…

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