In order to bring you more original content, we’d like to interview folks for , you don’t have to be AAA or famous to be interviewed by us. We want to give voice to people who may otherwise be overlooked, or left behind by the industry. This also gives us more bandwidth to cover folks who may not be able to do the podcast or have more timely things to discuss.

So if you are a game dev, or journo, or have interest in doing more for diversifying the industry, hit us up at with “INDG Interview interest” in the subject line. Interviews will be by email, since that is easiest to edit and post in a timely manner rather than trying to transcribe audio interviews.

We’re going to edit our Patreon as well, to have a tier where we can eventually pay contributors for their work. We don’t believe in exposure as pay for work, it’s unethical and unfair to get free labor from people. We’re here to uplift marginalized people

To start off a discussion (answers to be collated and addressed in a follow up post)

One thing we’d like to ask the community: What does diversity mean to you in the gaming space? Why is it important?

If you could @ us on twitter or email us at with What Diversity Means, we’d appreciate it.