CopQuest is a socially conscious game about policing in America and associated issues and controversy. Check out me (designer, programmer) and Havi (designer, programmer) talk about the game we are making and why we are making it. Please support us on kickstarter!

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About CopQuest
About CopQuest

Verge of Brilliance LLC is a Seattle-based game company that’s working on a socially conscious video game about police brutality in America. In this game, we take real life accounts of police brutality and undue escalation and put those stories in a fictional video game for people to play through from the perspective of the cop. The goal is to create a safe space for healthy dialog on the subject to occur and hopefully inspire dialog that leads to positive change.

Our mission is to make a game that promotes thoughtful discussion on the issue of police brutality. We also seek to facilitate connections to initiatives that similarly seek to raise awareness and end police brutality in America.

too long; didn't read
too long; didn’t read
    In case you read nothing else on this page, here is the project in a nutshell!
  • It’s a game about police brutality in America
  •  Game narrative is based on real incidents that have been reported in current events
  •  Text-based adventure game with modern twist.
  •  Features a language understanding model trained by many play-testers
  •  We’ve built game art. The game has been featured as a museum exhibit in Seattle.
  •  As it exists today, the game is too short. We want to make a bigger, better, and more polished version and release on many platforms.
Why is he running?!
Meet the team
Meet the team