Witch Spring, Fantastic Racism and Colorism

by Latonya Pennington Witch Spring is a series of RPG games created by Korean developer Kiwi Walks. There are currently three games in the series, with a fourth tentatively scheduled for release next year. Each game revolves around a magical female deity living in hiding from human warriors. The humans have labeled the deities as … Continue reading Witch Spring, Fantastic Racism and Colorism

On criticism and reviews

When examining a piece of art, we’re examining a human-made object from all its corners: We remove it from the wall of the present, holding it up to the light of the past, casting its shadow into the future. Framed by the context of its circumstances, all creations manifest the particular biases, quirks and prejudices … Continue reading On criticism and reviews

It’s actually about ethics in game journalism

The world of game criticism has been set ablaze by news that a now ex-editor of the IGN, the highest profile video game site, plagiarised a video review. Small Youtuber, Boomstick Gaming, released a video calmly showing side-by-side comparisons of his own review and that of IGN ex-editor Filip Miucin’s review of Dead Cells. The … Continue reading It’s actually about ethics in game journalism

Hey y’all @WeBeHarebrained Schemes is hiring!

Lead Engineer Engineering – Kirkland, Washington PROJECT LEAD ENGINEER Harebrained Schemes is looking to hire a Project Lead Engineer to help with continued development of HBS’s turn-based strategy games. This is a full time, on-site position at Harebrained Schemes’ offices in Kirkland, Washington. What You’ll Do Lead the tech direction for a new HBS project … Continue reading Hey y’all @WeBeHarebrained Schemes is hiring!

The labour of games

ArenaNET, the creators of Guild Wars 2, recently fired two long-time employees for what the company claims amounts to "attacks on the community", due to an alleged failure "to uphold our standards of communicating with players". Jessica Price and Peter Fries, both industry veterans, with Fries being with the company for 12 years, were summarily … Continue reading The labour of games

Greetings from a new tub

So this is new. My name's Tauriq and I'll be a new contributing editor at I Need Diverse Games, where I'll be editing others' contributions and writing my own columns regularly. Some of you might know me from my big hits like All Polish Games Should Be Banned, Nazis Are Actually Bad and Maybe Pop … Continue reading Greetings from a new tub

Persona 5: My Saving Grace in Trump’s America by @brichibitweets

by Brianna Lawrence, @brichibitweets The end of 2016 was not a good look for me. Neither was the beginning of 2017. It’s a bit of an understatement to say that I was rather... distraught... over who was elected into office. Trump’s America feels like an unaired episode of The Twilight Zone that never should’ve seen … Continue reading Persona 5: My Saving Grace in Trump’s America by @brichibitweets

INDG Enamel Pins are a go!

The community has spoken! We're going to do a limited run of pins for folks. The way this will work is: Orders will stay open for two weeks, OR when until 200 pins are ordered, whichever comes first. We will use thestudio.com to fulfill orders, ship to our founder and then she will ship them … Continue reading INDG Enamel Pins are a go!

Community inquiry time re: merchandise

Hello lovely friends and supporters of our work. We've had great feedback on our new logo done by CaptainTwaz! We've also had requests for things like enamel pins, hats and other things. We've actually found a seller that can do enamel pins, hats, socks and other merch at reasonable prices. The sticky part? Getting them … Continue reading Community inquiry time re: merchandise

#DiversifyStreaming Update – Official Stream Team is a go!

I Need Diverse Games became a Twitch Partner on April 3rd! That means we can have a stream team. Since the #DiversifyStreaming initiative was already a thing, we combined it into one thing, of a stream team where folks can be seen when they are live rather than just browsing a static list. Thanks to … Continue reading #DiversifyStreaming Update – Official Stream Team is a go!